United for Safety

A Two-Part Exploration of Holistic Student Protection

  • Tuesday, March 19

  • 1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT

Welcome to our transformative two-part webinar series.

These webinars are designed to help you navigate the intricate landscape of student safety from vision to actionable solutions. Join us to be part of the conversation that begins with identifying problems to implementing solutions, ensuring a safer educational environment for all.

Webinar 1

The Safety Spectrum: From Digital Vigilance to Physical Security

Delves into the critical importance of integrating digital and physical safety measures for a holistic approach to student wellbeing. Here we set the stage for understanding the pressing issues and envisioning what comprehensive protection should entail.

Webinar 2

Vision to Reality: Promoting Student Safety in the Digital Age

Takes a closer look at what it takes to make comprehensive student safety a reality. We explore the ways Lightspeed's innovative solutions provide real-world applications that empower districts with the tools to tackle the challenges highlighted in the first session.


Who Should Attend?  

District & Administration decision makers & leaders, Student Safety & Wellness leaders, Digital Learning and Instructional/Curriculum technologists, Technology leaders & management, IT & Network Admins. 


The Safety Spectrum: From Digital Vigilance to Physical Security 

Tuesday, 19 March at 1 pm ET

Join us as we explore the crucial blend of digital and physical safety strategies in today's educational environments. This first webinar in our two-part series offers expert insights into creating a holistic safety ecosystem to address the evolving challenges of student security. We will discuss current topics and challenges facing school leaders as we: 

  • Explore school safety through the lens of Safe and Sound Schools’ approach to prevention, protection, and intervention in both digital and physical spaces. 
  • Hear about San Marcos USD’s proactive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and strategies to engage parents and communities. 
  • Discover Bloomington Public Schools’ unique approach to create a more powerful and integrated safety solution. 
  • Gain a broader perspective on the technological considerations that influence effective safety measures, including early identification, support, and the essential collaboration between schools, parents, and law enforcement. 


  • Michele Gay, Founder & Executive Director, Safe and Sound Schools 
  • Christi Frias, Student Services Director, San Marcos Unified School District, CA 
  • Jim Peterson, CTO, Bloomington Public Schools District 87, IL 
  • Amanda Sutter, VP Product Management, Lightspeed Systems 


Vision to Reality: Promoting Student Safety in the Digital Age  

Wednesday, 27 March at 1 pm ET

This second webinar provides insights, strategies and solutions that have proven effective in schools around the world. We will cover topics including: 

  • How a multi-layer approach to monitoring, assessing and alerting around the clock creates an integrated system of protection. 
  • The importance of legal compliance in issues such as student privacy and potential liability.
  • Understanding the vital role that a highly experienced and trained eye has in assessing context when evaluating potential signs of distress.
  • Best practices for assessing the effectiveness of any solutions you have in place.


  • Brian Thomas, CEO, Lightspeed Systems 
  • Jamie Ryan: EVP Operations & General Counsel, Lightspeed Systems 
  • Amanda Sutter: VP Product Management, Lightspeed Systems 
  • Colin McCabe: Director, International, Lightspeed Systems 

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