Lightspeed Learning Lab

Edtech Best Practices for a Smooth Return to School

  • August 2023

  • 1:00PM ET | 10:00AM PT

You’re working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition back-to-school and your edtech ecosystem plays a big role. Make sure your tech stack is set up to support fundamentals such as student data privacy, emerging challenges like AI policy-making, and ongoing critical mental health and safety concerns.

Lightspeed Learning Lab is a series of five 30-minute interactive sessions that cover the Lightspeed best practices you’ll need to set your team up for success this school year. Sessions will showcase techniques from Lightspeed Systems experts and include time for Q&A. 

30-Minute Session Topics Include:

Who Should Attend? IT Leaders & Decision Makers, Digital Learning and Instructional Technologists, IT Admins, Network Admins, IT Security, IT Infrastructure roles, School Counselors, Safety leaders, and SROs.

Full Session Details


Ready, Set, Go! Enabling Teachers to Manage Digital Learning in the Classroom 

When: Wednesday, August 2 @ 1 pm ET
Recommended for:  IT Leaders, Digital Learning and Instructional Technology roles 
Presenters: Paul Ridout, Product Manager, and Tracy Pell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Teachers are saving time and keeping students focused on learning with Lightspeed Classroom Management’s new user experience and enhanced features. As you head into back-to-school teacher trainings, come experience the new UX first-hand, learn how the new features can be used most effectively, and get access to resources for helping prepare your teachers to return to class.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to use the top features for managing devices and digital learning lessons in the classroom.
  • Tips for seamless rostering. 
  • New features like improved screen viewing and Lightspeed AccessScan for teachers.
  • Where to find easy-to-use teacher training resources.

Preparing for Safe and Secure Learning in a New Digital Landscape: Lightspeed Filter™ Best Practices

When: Thursday, August 3 @ 1 pm ET
Recommended for: IT Admins, Network Admins, IT Security, IT Infrastructure roles
Presenter: Rob McCartney, Director of Client Success Engineering, Rob Chambers, VP, Platform Strategy

As the new school year approaches, it's crucial to ensure your district is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize your web filtering platform. That includes ensuring best-practice configurations, knowing what needs to be updated, and refreshing filtering policies. Join us to see new features unveiled along with best practices and expert insights for ensuring a safe and secure online environment for your students—wherever they are learning.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Best practices on updating Lightspeed Filter agents and changing policy inheritance and categories, including SmartPlay, social media, and E-Sports. 
  • How to use new features such as Live User Web Activity and AI categories.
  • How to manage custom allow and block lists.

Ensuring the Safe and Effective Use of AI Apps

When: Tuesday, August 8 @ 1 pm ET
Recommended for: IT leaders, IT directors and managers, Instructional Technology Leads
Presenters: Kate McDermott, Sr. Product Manager and Matthew Burg, Sr. Product Manager

As AI tools become increasingly popular among students and teachers, districts are struggling to keep up with how they're being utilized. Explore how Lightspeed Systems is enabling districts to monitor and moderate the use of these tools, ensure data privacy, and maximize AI for learning effectiveness with solutions like Lightspeed Filter and Lightspeed Digital Insight.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to unlock visibility into the AI apps being used and drill down to student-level usage.
  • New ways to detect attempted use of suspicious AI tools and how to block these searches.
  • How to safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) from AI-driven tools.

Creating a Safe and Caring Environment This School Year

When: Wednesday, August 9 @ 1 pm ET
Recommended for: IT leaders, School Counselors, Safety leaders, SROs
Presenters: Nicole Allien, Sr. Product Specialist, and Tracy Pell, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

It’s a new school year, but the staffing and mental health challenges facing today’s districts have been around for a few years now. Your district can use Lightspeed Alert's powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify students in need of help. Join us to learn how to set up internal systems and configure Lightspeed Alert to enable a safer learning environment. You'll hear best practices on setting up internal escalation lists, how to respond to alerts, and how Lightspeed Alert has evolved to support students and staff in the new school year.

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to optimize Lightspeed Alert settings to meet your district’s safety needs.
  • How to create an alert response structure.
  • New and upcoming Lightspeed Alert features for creating a safer school environment.

Maximizing the Value, Security, and Effectiveness of Your Edtech Ecosystem

When: Thursday, August 10 @ 1 pm ET
Recommended for: IT leaders, Instructional Technology and Digital Learning roles
Presenters: Craig McClellan, Product Specialist, and Jiana Khazma, Product Marketing Manager

Power the upcoming school year with real-time data that helps you ensure the value, security, and effectiveness of your edtech tools. In this session, you’ll get an in-depth look at how to make sure Lightspeed Digital Insight is set up to best guide your ecosystem management efforts this fall. With fine-tuned settings and reports, you’ll have the data you need for digital learning app decisions, data privacy management, surfacing professional development opportunities, and more.

What you’ll learn:

  • The top reports for quickly gauging app usage and sharing insights with building or department stakeholders. 
  • How to streamline license management and approvals, including utilizing tags to track funding sources. 
  • Steps to creating an approved apps list and publishing it for your district in seconds.

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